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Who we are

The Beijo do Sol brand was born in 2020. Our collections are developed with great care and creativity, we are always up to date with fashion trends, we use high quality raw materials and we always seek to delight our customers. Our golden accessories are plated with Light Gold or with anti-oxidation technology. In the Ibiza line you will find products that use different fabrics (textured, shiny, etc.), handmade details, pieces that use technology for greater durability and creative designs.

Our collections are anchored in three pillars: elegance, versatility and sustainability.

Elegance: different types of models that adapt to different bodies, you will certainly find a bikini or swimsuit that suits you very well. In addition to the comfort and beauty of our pieces, you can combine them with chemises or shorts in the same print, which creates a very elegant look.

Versatility: Use our swimsuit as a bodysuit. Wear our chemise with denim shorts, pants and even as a mini dress. Create casual looks with our beachwear pieces and be surprised by the versatility that our collections offer.


Sustainability: we use digital prints that save water and reduce chemical waste. We also donate leftover fabrics to artisans. We have been concerned about the environment since the first collection.


We chose a product that is associated with moments of leisure and joy. Through this product we want to create a positive cycle where everyone involved is elated. - consumers will find beauty, comfort and quality in our beach line; - shopkeepers will have good service, support and a great product for their point of sale; - suppliers will have a responsible and committed partner - our employees will find a harmonious working environment and professional recognition Beijo do Sol aims to grow and stand out in the beachwear business without losing sight of its mission and values. Progress, opportunities, personal and professional growth is what we want to cultivate with our work.


We value for:

- quality and beauty in our products

- good service and partnership with our customers

- joy and well-being in the work environment

- sustainability and social responsibility


We want to grow, generate more jobs, please consumers more and more, solidify partnerships with suppliers and customers, always seek creativity and technology for our products, create actions to contribute to the positive transformation of the world around us.

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